Heatwave turns killer. 170 die in UP

BK Singh

Current heat wave has turned killer.

Deaths are reported from several states in summers every year but this year it’s unprecedented.Though actual figures are hardly available however media reports say nearly 170 persons have fallen prey to ongoing heat wave and high temperature.


Bulandshahar in UP topped the list with mercury touching 48 degree celcius. An unspecified number of citizens simply dropped dead within minutes. Besides older lot even the young could not withstand the deadly onslaught and lost lives.


Most of the heatwave deaths have been reported from Bundelkhand and central UP in the state. Hot air is blowing during nights too. The younger generation facing such extreme heat for the first time appears to be in awe.

A few of them talking to thewitnesstimes.com wondered what future has in store for them. But they are aware that greenery everywhere to a great extent could counter heat. This is what they have been taught in schools, they say, but they need help in planting trees, said one of them.

On the other hand power outages every now and then has left consumers fuming. Irrespective of the cause they have gone violent at many substations in the state during the past several days. Power department employees were assaulted and places vandalised by irate groups of residents.

Braving heat mostly the temporary staff employed by the electricity department dared to repair faults in the extra ordinary heat spell. They did not hesitate to come to street corners with ladders and tools after getting repairing assignments.

Chairman power corporation Ashish Goyal has instructed the department to tell consumers the cause behind frequent power failure to ease tension and frayed tempers. He has also instructed officials to ensure burnt and problem giving transformers were changed within minnimum time. Officials should be available in field even during night and give satisfactory answers to every caller.

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