Hungaamaa on meditation



By Abhilash Narain


Now the so called seculars are up in arms to oppose the meditation move of Narendra Modi. Some call it a political drama while others are preparing to lodge a complaint with the Election Commission terming it as an election campaign after the expiration of the electioneering deadline set by the Commission for the last phase of polling.

Prime minister is silent on the issue and is on way to reach Vivekanand Rocks at the southern end of Bharat, Kanya Kumari, but the BJP is quite vocal to hit all the bouncers of the opposition.

Narendra Modi will meditate for 48 hours at the place where Swami Vivekanand had meditated to be blessed by the divine powers. Modi was in Punjab to address his last public meeting of this election campaign, and now he will not go to his Parliamentary constituency of Varanasi which goes for polls on June 1, but will reach Kanyakumari for meditating.

The most vocal Mamta Banerjee did not like this move of the prime minister and said, she will lodge a complaint with the Election Commission if the meditation event is telecast. Telecasting any event is the prerogative of the news channels and not of the BJP or Narendra Modi. It is quite obvious that camera will follow the prime minister to provide a chance of opposing the same to the INDI Alliance.

The BJP leaders are out to term the moves of the opposition as an attack on the right to worship of an individual. Yes Modi will meditate, if the others want to go to church, mosque or any other place they are free to do it, says the BJP.

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