I am ready for debate with PM Modi….anytime But ‘I know PM Modi will not debate with me’., Rahul Gandhi.


Acknowledging the letter sent to him by two former Judges and a Journalist, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has said, he was ready for a debate with PM Narendra Modi or anybody else on an open platform.

Rahul Gandhi said this while speaking at the National Constitution convention at Lucknow on Friday.

However, he said, he knew that PM Modi would not debate with him.


On being asked whether his party would bring back the old pension scheme back, Rahul said, though this has not been included in the party manifesto yet the issue would be looked into if his party came to power at the centre.

On the question of taking back companies that were once run by government but were given to private players, congress leader replied, it was not possible but yes, we would stop the process of privatisation.

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