Narendra Modi will not be PM on June 4….Rahul Gandhi


There was a storm in favour of INDIA alliance and BJP would suffer its greatest defeat in Uttar Pradesh, a state which has been the torch bearer of the country in politics.

Constitution stands out as the main issue in this election. People have well understood this fact. If it comes to power BJP will change the constitution of the country to its advantage.

Speaking at a public rally in Kannauj and Kanpur Rahul Gandhi said, ‘aap likh ke rakh lo, Modi would not be the PM on June 4’. Keep it in writing Modi would not remain PM on June 4.

Rahul Gandhi addressed public rallies at Kannauj in favour of Akhilesh Yadav, congress candidate from Kanpur Alok Misra and SP candidate Rajaram Pal from Akbarpur.There was a wave of change in the country.Modi who gave away people’s money to Adani and Ambani now admits that both have black money.

On the other hand Akhikesh Yadav said, the fourth phase of elections has shaken the balance because one engine of this double engine government ie UP has developed a snag.


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