I guarantee 140 crore people of this country to work for eighteen hours …. PM Modi


We will work hard to make India self reliant and developed. “If you work for ten hours, I will work for eighteen hours”, said PM Modi while addressing election rally at the government inter college ground at Pratapgarh Thursday.

“I guarantee to work day and night. All my time is yours. Every pour of my body is for you. This is my guarantee to 140 crore people of this country,said Modi drawing applause from the gathering here.

All of us will work hard to take this country on the road to progress and he was sure that people were with him”, said Modi who filed nomination for the third consecutive term the other day at Varanasi.

Taking a pot shot at Rahul Gandhi of the congress and Akhilesh Yadav Samajwadi party, PM Modi said, “development of the country for these two Shahzadas (Prince) was like playing Gilli danda ( game played in some Asian countries with a long wodden stick to hit a small oval shaped wodden piece).

Highways would not come on its own, poverty would not get eradicated on its own and self reliance would not be achieved without hard work.

The two Shahzadas neither have the experience of hard work nor they know how to deliver results.

Still both feel that development would come on its own.

Running the country was not the job of children born with golden spoon”, said PM Modi.

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