I will not allow corrupt to have peaceful sleep. PM Narendra Modi.


I will not allow thieves and corrupt to have peaceful sleep. ‘Modi is trying to find out treasure hidden by them ‘.

‘The money belongs to the people of this country and people would get this money ‘, said PM Narendra Modi at Girdeeh in Jharkhand.

The PM had reached Jharkhand after filing nomination from Varanasi parliamentary seat.

Earlier money had been recovered from a Congress MP, a public servant and now a huge catch of currency from the house of an employee of a minister. All this money belongs to the people of this country, said the PM.

BJP, he said was committed to banish Naxals and terrorists in its third term.

Weak governments during Congress rule fostered naxalites and terrorists and left parties reaped benefits.

On the other hand BJP has weakened naxalites which was now confined to few areas only.

In its third phase BJP will finish off naxalites altogether.

Adivasi areas will be made trouble free.

INDIA alliance, he said, had been dreaming to dig his grave but he remains protected by the love and affection of the people of this country.

Modi said, he does not belong to any royal family. I was born poor. I have lived in penury and I am committed to free the people of this country from the bondage of being poor.

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