Iran President Ebrahim Raisi dies in chopper crash.


The President of Iran Ebrahim Raisi died in a chopper crash Sunday. In all there were nine persons in the chopper that crashed in the green mountains.
Others on board were foreign minister Amirabdollhian, three Irani officials, an Imam and crew members.

The crash was reported to have occurred while the President was returning from Iran-Azerbaizan border visit.

According to IRNA, the chopper crashed in Jolfa in the mountainous northwestern region of the country on Sunday.

As per reports the next in line for Presidency is first Vice President Mohammad Mokhber, if approved by Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
The crash site was reportedly located by a Turkish drone that shared coordinates with Iranian authorities following hours of search operation that involved a big rescue team.

Footage released by the state run IRNA showed the crash site across a steep valley in a green mountain range.
The bodies of those killed were reported to have been transported to Tabriz.
Also on board the chopper were three Irani officials, an Imam and crew members.

A Turkish drone was reported to have identified the crash site.

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