Rahul, Akhilesh talk with each other at Phulpur election rally, Allahabad.


With a snag in the public address system both Rahul Gandhi and Akhilesh Yadav decided to talk with each other here at Phulpur, Allahabad rally while their conversation got relayed on social media.

Leaving the fate of Varanasi seat in the hands of the electorate there, Akhilesh said all 79 seats would come in the kitty of our alliance.

Uttar Pradesh has become centre of unemployed youth, said Rahul.

All of them want jobs. BJP made them see a dream but they could neither get jobs nor any other employment, replied Akhilesh.

Rahul said, we will give RS 1 lakh each to all graduates along with a job.

Answering Rahul’s question to tell him about his father, Akhilesh replied, he was a hard working man and that is why he was referred to as “Dharti Putra”.

Talking to Akhilesh Rahul said, ours is a new kind of partnership and cooperation this time while Akhilesh said youth has become closer to us after PM branded our togetherness as “do ladkon ki jodi”.

Accusing BJP of giving all the wealth to 22 to 25 people in the country, Rahul said the reality of PM Modi has been laid bare.

BJP has put democracy in danger said Akhilesh while Rahul accused BJP of exploiting the ED and other agencies.

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