Raibareily and Amethi seats belong to the people not to families: Union Home Minister Amit Shah


Debunking congress’ claim that Raibareily and Amethi seats belongs to them, union home minister Amit Shah replied, the two seats do not belong to a family but to the people who elect and send representatives to the parliament.

Recalling congress’ refusal to accept the ‘Pranpratishtha’ ceremony at Ayodhya, Shah said, gates of Ram Mandir would be locked in case congress comes to power.

INDIA alliance is owned by families.

Lalu Prasad Yadav wants his son on CM’s chair, Mamta Bannerjee wants her brother’s son as CM West Bengal¬† while Sonia wants her son Rahul to become PM.

Congress safeguarded Article 370 for seventy years but Modi ended it. Now congress wants to bring it back again.

Launching air and surgical strikes we penetrated Pak territory and destroyed several terror bases.

Interestingly congress’ Mani Shankar Ayyar and Farukh Abdulla were averse to the idea of destroying terror camps saying Pak had nuclear device, said Shah while addressing a rally at Raibareily.

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