Rajamouli powering Baahubali The Crown of Blood.Exciting news for Baahubali fans! .

Senior Journalist and Trade Expert Sharad Rai talks about Baahubali..




May 4, 2024

We met Sharad Rai, the Mayapuri fame senior Journalist and Film Trade Expert, we asked, ” There have been buzz that S.S Rajamouli has announced a new version of Baahubali ?”

Sharad Rai said, “Yes, that’s true, renowned director SS Rajamouli has announced a new chapter in the epic saga with “Baahubali: Crown of Blood,” an animated series. The news, shared via a captivating video on X, has sent ripples of excitement through the fanbase.”

(Film Trade Expert Sharad Rai)

We asked Sharad Rai, “Was Baahubali a historical Successful blockbuster ?”

The Journalist tells, The Baahubali franchise has achieved phenomenal success, breaking box-office records both in India and internationally. “Baahubali 2″ stands as the second-highest-grossing Indian film ever, solidifying its place as a landmark in Indian cinema.”


“Is this a first Animated Venture of Baahubali ?”

Sharad Rai replied, “This isn’t the first foray into animation for the Baahubali universe. “Baahubali: The Lost Legends,” a four-season animated series, was released on Amazon Prime Video in 2017 and it garnered a huge success at the box-office.”

What’s your take on Rajmouli as a director ?” We asked.

Sharad Raid spoke, ” Rajamouli is undoubtedly a great story teller, his command on Direction is just incredible, Rajamouli’s Golden Touch:

Following the global success of “RRR” and its Oscar-winning song “Naatu Naatu,” Rajamouli’s reputation as a master storyteller continues to soar ”

“Anticipation is building for “Baahubali: Crown of Blood,” with fans eager to see how Rajamouli will further enrich this epic saga, what do you have to say in praise of the film?” We asked Sharad Rai.

“The animated format offers exciting possibilities for exploring new narratives and delving deeper into the rich lore of the Baahubali world, I am sure this version will also break all the records, I honestly say S.S Rajamouli is the Pride of India.” concludes Sharad Rai.

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