RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat calls upon central government to solve Manipur problem


Taking strong exception over statements and counter statements over elections in the country RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat has asked the central government to solve Manipur problem raging since over a year.

Addressing a meeting of RSS trainees the RSS chief has called upon unity among all communities in the country.

Ten years ago  Manipur was at peace giving impression as if the gun culture has come to an end but then there was a sudden escalation in hostilities in the state.

He said whether violence started on its own or it was ignited, Manipur is burning and its people are bearing it’s brunt.

He said, it was necessary to rise above the occasion and focus on problems being faced by people of this state.

He said, a real servant is one who carries no ego about his work.

Praising the central government the RSS chief said the country has earned good name during the past ten years.

He said elections should be treated like competition not as war. This competition should not be based on lies.

There are two sides in a parliament. They are there to resolve a problem. Similarly, like there are two sides of a coin, he added. (Agencies)

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