UP CM Yogi Aditya Nath goes hammer and tongs against corrupt officials and criminals: Chairman Board of Revenue along with 124 ADMs, SDMs, Tehsildars served notices: Alarm bells start ringing in the state: Bulldozer strats roaring again:


BK Singh


Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Aditya Nath has finally decided not to spare the rod.

After returning from PM Narendra Modi’s swearing in ceremony he has gone full steam and has seemingly launched a drive against ‘corruption’ and criminals.


Notices have been served to 124 ADMs, SDMs and Tehsildars asking them to show cause why action be not taken against them.

Even the Chairman Board of Revenue, a senior IAS Rajneesh Dubey has been served with a notice, said sources.

The CM, sources said, had all information about the corrupt functioning of a large number of administrative officials in the state.

As sources say, a big lobby of officials had been working hard to see the BJP defeated in Uttar Pradesh in its own style. This lobby of officials had been finding it difficult to have it’s way in day to day working.

The common man in Uttar Pradesh had been facing numerous problems. From the collectorate where even a tehsildar had started demanding no less than 50,000 for a small genuine work to any other department bribery appears to have raised its head in a manner never seen before.

Go to any department they have their self made laws, all they want is money first work later or never.

There have been 14 encounters in Uttar Pradesh during the past 24 hours in which criminals have been hunted and gunned down.

The bulldozer has started roaring again.

In Lucknow itself as many as 1068 illegal construction in just one area near Kukrail river are being demolished.

Who allowed these constructions?

A section of bureaucracy following poor show of BJP in elections had been  much happy. A rumour in social media had been doing rounds that Yogi will be replaced, but such rumours have been laid to rest after PM Modi and Amit Shah gave free hand to Yogi, say well informed sources.

Believe it or not even contractual meter readers and linemen paid a pittance by the power department are forced to part with certain sum from their meagre salaries which is also not timely.

Who is taking this cut ! Who is fleecing them….leave aside the common consumer who is paying hefty amount of inflated bills every month. He is also running from pillar to post to get his bill corrected. This deliberate and well organised corruption is going on since long. This just a tip of the iceberg. Corruption has made deep roots in every department.

So after his return from Delhi UP CM is now giving clear message to a section of corrupt bureaucracy in the state that either you will loose  job or will go behind the bars. Else shun corruption and start delivering is the CMs message, say source.

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