Seven states and one Union Territory to vote on June 1


Seven states and one Union Territory are now ready to go to polls in the last leg of elections in the country on June 1.

Polling will be held on 57 parliamentary seats in this last phase.

As many as 904 contestents are in the fray from 57 constituencies.

Results will be out on June 4.


From PM Modi, Amit Shah, Rahul Gandhi and dozens of prominent leaders had been doing hectic electioneering and have put in all their strength to garner votes.

A few regional parties that have attained status of national parties over the years have aligned themselves with the prominent and older parties for they know that on their own they could not break the ice.

These self centred parties lacking vision and larger perspective have done more harm than good.

Once elections are over their real face comes to the fore.

The time us to wait and watch the results and sequence of events thereafter.

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