With mercury touching 46.8 degrees, Delhi has registered the highest heat record in 80 years. Much earlier the highest temperature in Delhi (1944) was seen rising upto 47.2 degrees celcius. Reports say in Bihar more than hundred school children fell ill due to unbearable heat.Heatwave deaths: More than three dozen heat wave deaths have been reported from several UP towns by the media. However,officials deny having knowledge.


At a time when heat wave is at its peak with mercury crossing 47 degrees celcius at several places in Uttar pradesh and people have been suffering from brain hameorrhage government officials are denying heat wave deaths in Uttar Pradesh.

As per reports printed in a section of press more than 56 persons have died at various places in the state during the past seven days.

The areas from where heat wave deaths have been reported in the media include Banda, Allahabad, Pratapgarh, Kanpur, Etawa, Mainpuri and Jalaun.

In Pratapgarh alone five persons mostly elderly died within six hours at different places.

These are just a few places as even media at times does not get to know about such deaths in far flung areas and people quietly perform last rites.

As such the actual figures could be much more higher to what was being reported.

In Jhansi the highest temperature was recorded around 49 degrees. This had been last recorded at the Jhansi based observatory in the year 1892.

However, weather department predicts some respite in the temperature from now on in eastern UP.

There appears to be hardly any change in western UP temperature in coming days.

There was slight drizzle in many eastern districts of the state Wednesday evening. But Thursday sun was again furious.

Jammu Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand are reeling under unprecedented heat condition.

On Tuesday, in Churu Rajasthan temperature reached 50.5 degrees. There was hardly any let up in heat in most of UP towns on Thursday. With schools closed for summer vacations and many shops preferring to down the shutters during peak most roads hardly had commuters.

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