Shahzade’s plans to overturn Ram Mandir verdict if his party came to power — dangerous, PM Modi


Shahzada had the desire to get the supreme court verdict on Ram Mandir issue overturned in case his party came to power. This was disclosed by a former congress leader Pramod Krishnam.

Terming it as a dangerous wish, PM Modi while talking to a newspaper at Delhi said, Shahzade’s father had managed to get the supreme court verdict in the the famous Shahbano case changed.

A day earlier congress’s national media coordinator Radhika Kheda resigned from the party after senior Congress leaders misbehaved with her because she had visited Ram Mandir.


It is clear that this issue will possibly remain burning during next phases of elections in the country.

PM Modi said, BJP was reaching out to people on the issue of development in this election and on its part voters also admit that there had been positive changes.

Commenting on Ram Mandir issue PM Modi said, this issue had never been political for BJP. There exists big difference in the perception and working style of both parties. Congress, he said prefers on delaying things.

Giving example of Congress Finance minister P Chitambaran, PM said, when he was presenting the last budget in 2014, the minister had said that his party would take the country to be one among the top three economies in the world by 2043. But we wish to fulfill this task in our third term itself, fifteen years earlier than the congress,said the PM.

Congress has embarked on vote bank policy because all promises made by them have proved to be empty. As for BJP, once we set a target we achieve it but congress fails.

Reservation he said cannot be done on the basis of religion and this is what congress wants to enforce. The constitution prepared by Baba Saheb also speaks the same.

BJP, he said would not allow injustice to SC, ST and the OBC’s.

Commenting on the general feeling that muslims do not vote for the BJP, the PM said this feeling was wrong as the party had been watching increase in the number of votes.

This indicates we are being supported by all sections of the people.

The PM also gave message that he does not believe in feeling satisfied.

The feeling of dissatisfaction gives him more courage and strength, said the PM.

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