Stringent punishment needs to be given to Prajwal Ravanna….PM Modi


Prajwal Ravanna’s video tapes were released at a time when one section of people had cast their votes. He should be brought back and given stringent punishment. It is surprising that despite having knowledge of his doings, vigil was not kept at the airport and the man escaped from the country, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an interview with a national channel, Times Now.

So many videos do not belong to a day, said the PM while commenting on the number of 2976 said to have been released recently.

The videos were made during Congress and Dev Gowda’s  JD (S) alliance days but were held back and released at a time when elections are going on, said the PM.

Terming it as a political game, the PM said such things should be stopped in this country.


The issue involves law and order problem and the government concerned should take action said Modi adding the Central government was also not kept informed.

Such incidents need to be dealt by the government of that state.

The culprit was first allowed to leave the country and later on the videos were made public.

Said to be the greatest sex scandal of this country Prajwal Ravanna has been accused of molesting  many woman one after the other.

Meanwhile, a thorough probe and investigation needs to be done in this case to get at the bottom of it.

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