If India is Proud of Payal Kapadia for winning Grand Prix at Cannes, drop charges against her and colleagues …. Congress MP Shashi Tharoor urges PM Narendra Modi and BJP


Shashi Tharoor, the Indian politician and former diplomat often in limelight, has requested BJP government to get charges against Payal Kapadia dropped, ‘if India is proud of her.’


Payal Kapadia catapulted to fame after becoming the first Indian to win the famous Grand Prix for her film “All we imagine as Light” at the Cannes.

Kapadia has brought laurels to the country after becoming the first Indian to grab this much coveted award.


An alumnus of FTII, a case against Payal and other students at the FTII had been lodged after they protested against the appointment of the Institute’s Chairman in 2015.


Shashi Tharoor’s reaction has come in the wake of PM Modi’s message on X handle in which he has commended Payal Kapadia for her achievement.


PMs message on X says, “India is proud of Payal Kapadia for her historic feat of winning the Grand Prix at the 77th Cannes film festival for her work, All we imagine is light’.


An alumnus of FTII, her remarkable talent continues to shine on the global stage, giving a glimpse of the rich creativity in India.

This prestigious accolade not only honours her exceptional skills but also inspires a new generation of Indian film makers”.

The story of All we imagine is Light focuses on two nurses Prabha and her younger colleague Anu. They work in the same shabby clinic and share a small apartment in Mumbai. They are both troubled by their relationships.

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