Man kills eight family members including himself.


A man axed to death eight members of his family and hanged himself after this in Chindwara in Madhya Pradesh.

According to police this ghastly crime took place in Bodal Kachar village.

The exact reason behind this gory incident could not be known but police feels the man Dinesh Sariyan 36 was mentally upset. Dinesh got married a couple of days ago. He has been accused of murdering his wife, mother, sister, brother and his wife including their three children.

After murdering so many innocent persons he ran to kill his cousin but the latter managed to run and save his life.

A village woman screamed after seeing blood and so many dead bodies attracting attention of others.The murderer had escaped. A search was launched and he was found hanging at a tree.

According to Manish Khatri, the killer was mentally upset.

However, people suspect some other reasons also behind this cruel act which has shaken the people in the area.

Police investigation us still on.

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